A Strategic Approach to FBA Refunds

The Seller Strategies team has spent a tremendous amount of time learning how to analyze the various FBA refund reports Amazon offers to sellers. Our account strategists have developed a state-of-the-art system for identifying, calculating and filing requests for FBA refunds.

This innovative reimbursement process is carried out by critical thinking humans from start to finish. Ultimately, our calculations tell us exactly how many units FBA sellers are owed a refund for. Through a 100% automation free process and dedication to accuracy, our system is just as compliant as it is successful.

Our Method

Our FBA inventory reconciliation service uses an unconventional approach to uncover each and every lost, damaged or missing unit for which Amazon owes you money. There is a tremendous amount of data hidden within those fulfillment reports Amazon offers their sellers to download.

When we developed our system, we brought together the brightest minds in the industry to figure out each and every way to calculate all discrepancies for any particular seller’s account. Without any automated software, we were able to comb through every single report and analyze these calculations to successfully reimburse your account.

We’ve streamlined these calculations into a flawless method: from safely obtaining the reports to manually identifying and calculating all discrepancies, our team begins to file cases at a steady pace. If cases are denied, we carefully review and decide whether or not to re-submit the case.

Within a short period of time, a significant amount of reimbursements will begin to enter your account. Once the process is completed, we charge based on reimbursed funds that our team has recovered for the account. Based on our experience, the amount recovered will be significantly higher than any other company or service advertising FBA refunds.

Balance Your Seller Account

The entire reconciliation process is carried out from start to finish by our team members, who analyze all the calculations before submitting any requests for refunds. Equally effective as it is safe, our FBA reconciliation service allows FBA sellers to obtain the funds they’re owed – without fear of violating Amazon’s terms of service.

Our FBA reconciliation service is completely free to begin. Our rates are customized on a sliding scale according to the size and complexity of any particular seller account – but you’ll never pay for our refund services before you get reimbursed.

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