• future-of-e-commerce-on-amazon

    Seven Truths About Amazon That Will Never Change

    The Core Values that Amazon Will Never Abandon In an industry that moves in leaps and bounds every day, Amazon has become known for always remaining ahead of the game. But there are several values that Amazon will never remove from the way they operate. Learn more below. Amazon.com is known for always staying ahead …

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  • amazon FBA sellers notice

    Breaking News: Amazon Will Purchase Seller Inventory

    Amazon Offers to Buy Inventory from Sellers at Full Price In a breaking news report from CNBC, Amazon.com has reportedly sent out an email to many of its third party sellers with an offer to purchase their inventory at full price. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s been confirmed that the notice …

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  • seller dashboard suspended account

    Amazon Appeals: Then and Now

    The Evolution of Amazon Seller Suspension The other day upon sifting through some files, I stumbled across the very first Amazon appeal plan I ever wrote. It was an entertaining read to say the least, but what really astounded me was just how much the typical Plan of Action has changed in only 3 years. …

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  • jeff bezos amazon customer service quote

    How to Dominate Amazon Customer Service

    Lessons in Amazon Customer Service Amazon has always placed customer service and a buyer-centric marketplace above all else. It’s understandable for high-volume sellers to unintentionally devalue this aspect of their business. It can be hard to maintain this level of customer service when business is booming – but when sales are at their peak, customer …

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  • amazon nike partnership

    Amazon and Nike Pair Up to Fight Counterfeits

    Amazon Will Offer Nike Products Directly Amazon recently cut out all marketplace sellers who were previously offering Nike products for sale in an ongoing effort to curb counterfeiting. Instead, Amazon.com will now provide Nike products directly to consumers. Additionally, the Prime Wardrobe Initiative program backs up Amazon’s efforts to dominate the retail fashion industry. Earlier …

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  • amazon AI web services

    How Algorithms and AI Impact Amazon Sellers

    How AI Impacts Amazon Sellers  Last week, while social media buzzed on about the recent Amazon Whole Foods merger, we discussed Amazon’s new tech patent that will alter the WiFi networks inside retail stores. This patent ultimately prevents buyers from making their purchase on other platforms besides Amazon –and it’s a clear sign that artificial …

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  • amazon mobile shopping patent

    Amazon Quietly Obtains New Patent

    New Patent Lets Amazon Control Retail WiFi In the midst of Amazon’s highly publicized acquisition of Whole Foods Market last week, the company has quietly earned itself a brand new patent. This patent will essentially control the virtual space of customers when they’re shopping in a retail store. According to the USPTO, Amazon’s Patent 9,665,881 …

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  • whole foods amazon merger

    Breaking News: Amazon Set to Buy Whole Foods

    Amazon to Acquire Whole Foods Market In a breaking news report, Business Wire announced that Amazon is set to acquire the Whole Foods chain of food stores across the United States. Upon approval, which is currently pending, this $14 billion dollar ($42 per share) acquisition will be Amazon’s largest by about $12.7 billion. Amazon has …

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  • amazon lending

    Amazon Lending Plans to Expand

    Amazon Loans Will Expand This Year Over the past year, Amazon.com has started offering loans for marketplace sellers. The Amazon Lending program, according to a recent report, states that Amazon loans have been provided to about 600,000 small business owners in the United States, the UK and Japan, with a grand total of over $1 …

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