ASIN Reinstatement

As Amazon works to expand its anti-counterfeiting policies, we’re seeing more and more instances of blocked ASINs every day. Warranted or not, blocked ASINs can become a serious hindrance for any seller. All too often, sellers find themselves in a seller performance nightmare. Our team is available for swift, efficient ASIN reinstatements in every product category.

Account Reinstatement

In the early days of Amazon, suspension cases were far less common. Now, as the marketplace continues to evolve and expand, it seems that an Amazon seller suspension occurs every minute.

In the past few years, Amazon seller account suspensions have become even more complicated. Amazon is rapidly growing, and in turn, they are catering far more towards major brands and major sellers.

Types of Suspensions

Though we come across a curveball every so often, there are still several major reasons for Amazon suspensions: intellectual property violations, inauthentic complaints, listing errors, pricing errors, item condition, inaccurate item details and linked accounts.

Intellectual Property Violations

This is a major problem for sellers all over the world. As we stated previously, Amazon is now turning their focus towards big brands. These brands are able to take down listings of unauthorized third party sellers with the click of a button – even if the seller isn’t aware they may be infringement on someone else’s copyright, trademark or patent.


What makes an item inauthentic? An item is inauthentic when it is not purchased from an authorized supplier. Inauthentic suspensions happen because a seller’s inventory includes a product that’s not quite counterfeit – but still not quite up to Amazon’s standards. The inauthentic issue is still evolving daily.


Amazon has established MAP pricing to avoid price wars with other platforms. Amazon policy states that no product may be offered at a price that is not in line with MAP guidelines. The A9 algorithm constantly scrapes the entire web to establish the most competitive price for any given item so they can adjust accordingly.

Items Not As

Buyers are so accustomed to the convenience of one-click ordering these days, so it’s natural that a customer may skim over important details on your listing. This happens either way, so checking each listing for accuracy is an essential precautionary measure. “Not as described” are three deadly words for any Amazon seller, and all too often, these situations lead to an account suspension.


Amazon’s fulfillment centers are enormous, with an average size that equals dozens of football fields. “Used sold as new” suspensions might happen because your inventory was mixed with another seller’s. The best way to avoid this is by performing thorough damage control before you receive this type of suspension. Keep every invoice, monitor your metrics daily, and be ready to stand up against any issue related to your item’s condition.


The final and perhaps most difficult type of Amazon seller suspension is linked accounts. Amazon’s policy states a strict rule against having multiple seller accounts. Regardless of the reason, if the algorithm links your current seller account to another account, you will be suspended. These suspensions are not impossible to fight – but it is a detailed, lengthy process.

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