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If you have any inventory in an FBA warehouse right now, Amazon owes you money. Here's how to get reimbursed.


Suspended on Amazon and stuck in a seller performance nightmare? Our team is available for reinstatement services.

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Amazon lawyers for sellers are vital when handling issues larger than the marketplace. Get insight from our legal team.

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The elite team that cracked the code of third-party FBA fees. See why the world is calling us the most efficient refund manager in the world.

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Great team of people. Helped me to quickly resolve my account suspension for a reasonable rate. Very knowledgeable about Amazon. Thank you!
David Brockton
15:05 23 Jul 20
The consultants at Seller Strategies helped me more with my Amazon account suspension -- and with learning about how to sell overall -- than every social media group and every single help page Amazon itself has to offer. I would recommend them to any seller, regardless of their concerns about selling! Thank you so much!read more
Abigail Bensonn
20:55 21 Jul 19
Amazing team. Thank you for getting my account reinstated!!!
Clara Sabbatini
20:48 21 Jul 19
Very pleased with the appeal services! Thanks so much!
Dahlia Romney
04:19 18 Jul 19
Seller Strategies helped me get my Amazon account reinstated right away. I never would have known what to do!! They are extremely professional, efficient and understanding of the situation. I would recommend them to any seller dealing with a suspension!read more
Rhett Hutchinson
22:24 14 Jul 19
Thank you so much to the best FBA refunds team in the industry. Got back nearly 50k in lost funds.
Crick Raker
18:54 05 Apr 19
I had no idea how much money I was losing by not using an FBA reimbursement service. This team is hands down the best. HIGHLY recommended for any FBA seller!
Juliet Peralta
23:38 02 Apr 19
Amazing consultants. No one understands better than this team. Thanks so much
Follis Bengtson
23:02 30 Mar 19
Totally AGREE with all the rave reviews from other sellers! Seller Strategies helped me with a seemingly IMPOSSIBLE issue with verification, as I am a Norwegian immigrant, it was quite difficult to achieve a proper seller account on the US marketplace. This team helped me work with Amazon to explain the situation and let them know I am not some fraudulent trickster! Thanks so much!!read more
Etter Bivins
22:57 30 Mar 19
Highly recommend this service to any Amazon sellers looking for quick, efficient help -- had my suspended account properly reinstated within 24 hours. Thanks so much teamread more
Ellie Navarre
17:22 28 Mar 19
My seller account was reimbursed over $12,000 in lost funds. Thanks so much!!
Macie Torres
23:41 23 Mar 19
I've used 3 other companies in the past for FBA refunds. None has come even close to the level of expertise or the total amounts refunded on our behalf. They are experts in the inner workings of Amazon, and in coming up with all of the necessary documentation for getting properly refunded what was owed by to us by FBA.read more
Quality Stays
18:36 08 Oct 18
They helped us quickly get our amazon listing back up after it was suddenly taken down. quick and friendly service. I would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks again!read more
Christine Krogue
17:48 23 May 18
Recently started working with Seller Strategies trying to recover funds from Amazon. Still working through the backlog of cases currently but so far very impressed w their work ethic & diligence. If you need help w/ FBA refunds ask for Borriss! ?read more
Squishface Wrinkle Paste
23:46 05 Oct 17
Thank you once again for getting my account recon and reinstated. After a year and a half of patience and persistence Joe and his team never lost hope in my seller account.read more
Thomas Hinkson
17:47 18 Sep 17
Simple and reliable. Awesome team to work with!
Joseph Dana
18:38 30 May 17
We hired Seller Strategies just a couple day's ago and it is already proving to be a great decision. Both Kristen and Joe are extremely knowledgeable about the amazon marketplace and provide top notch customer service. If you like money or just having your account right do not hesitate to contact them you won't regret it.read more
Jim Taylor
00:34 30 May 17
Seller Strategies International company is just awesome! They helped me recover over $8000 from Amazon FBA that I would not have known about if I did not reach out to them. If you are a seller on Amazon and store goods at FBA warehouses contact these guys to help you receive reimbursements that you don't know about!read more
Ado Ado
17:38 09 May 17